All our desserts are baked and assembled fresh to order using top quality ingredients, and organic ingredients where possible. I do not use any pre-mix starters or bakers’ mixes. I have refined recipes that I have worked with for many years to get as perfectly balanced macaron that is not too sweet.


Perfect compliment with a cup of tea or cappuccino.


All our desserts can be a large table size dessert or individual desserts cups. Flavour combinations are endless.

There are so many to choose from, it makes for a tough decision.


Many options are available for desserts. It all depends on what you would like to do with them.

+ Served as a traditional size, great for a buffet table where guests cut their own size piece to enjoy

+ Served in individual desserts cups. Great to add a variety of desserts to a dessert table, where guests take one cup, and serving sizes are all equal.


Each dessert is priced according to size and the complexity if the flavours within the filling. There are no extra or hidden costs due the special occasion. Prices start from $2.50. Delivery is also offered and will be quoted according to the travel time from suburb to suburb. I use google maps to give me an estimate on km’s and travel time.

Dietary Options:

I have a range of desserts to suit everyone’s dietary requirements. Flavours may be limited within the specialty range. However, I do my best to create a variety for you to enjoy.

Gluten Free,
Dairy free,
Nut Free
Refined sugar free, and
Healthy Alternative.

Fruit Cheesecake