All our cakes are baked fresh to order using top quality ingredients and organic ingredients
where possible.


I do not use any pre-mix starters or bakers’ mixes.

The recipes I use have been refined over many years to become perfectly yummy, light and moist, so you'll never feel heavy, or that sickening feeling afterwards.

All our cakes include a layer of a complimenting flavour ganache or buttercream filling to each tier.


Some sculptured or carved cakes may be difficult to add a layer within the middle,
however will have the ganache or buttercream around the entire design.

I have a range of cakes to suit everyone’s dietary requirements. Flavours may be limited within
the specialty range. However, I do my best to create a variety for you to enjoy

Gluten Free,
Dairy free,
Nut free,
Refined sugar free &
Healthy Alternatives.


Gold and White Cake on a Stand

Please be mindful, ingredients used are purchased in bulk from a variety of wholesale food suppliers. Some of these ingredients will have “May Contain traces of…” within their own labelling.

Kindly be mindful and weary of this. I promise to do my absolute best to ensure all my kitchen and equipment are sanitised. However, if you are extremely sensitive or prone to serious allergy to any given product, I would highly recommend not consuming the cake as I cannot give a 100%
guarantee due to the products labelling.