Green Frosting Cupcakes

All our cupcakes are baked fresh to order using top quality ingredients, and organic ingredients where I can. I do
not use any pre-mix starters or bakers’ mixes.
I have refined recipes that I have worked with for many years to get as perfectly yummy, light, and moist. You will
not feel that heavy, sickening feeling afterwards.

We offer 3 sizes of cupcakes:

* Mini (high tea, dessert tables, great for smaller kids, perfect bite size)
* Standard (great for your cupcake towers, kids’ parties, dinner party, thank you bonboniere)
* Large (muffin size, great for dessert options, for e.g. 1 per adult)


All our cupcakes will have a complimenting flavor of ganache or buttercream swirl. Toppers can also be added.
There are many options for cupcake toppers:

* Fondant toppers (customized) to suit your theme, colour, and style
* Edible images (In house printing available with no extra set up costs)
* Paper Toppers (a variety of pre-printed with a toothpick to insert into the cupcake)
* Edible sprinkles, 100’s & 1000’s, mini edible confetti etc
* Fruit (strawberries, raspberries etc)


Each cupcake design is quoted according to its level of complexity, type of topper and size. There are no extra or
hidden costs due the special occasion. Prices start from $3.50. Delivery is also offered and will be quoted
according to the travel time from suburb to suburb. I use google maps to give me an estimate on km’s and travel

Dietary Options:

I have a range of cakes to suit everyone’s dietary requirements. Flavours may be limited within the speciality
range. However, I do my best to create a variety for you to enjoy.

Gluten Free,
Dairy free,
Nut free,
Refined sugar free, and
Healthy Alternative.


Please be mindful, I use ingredients that are purchased in bulk from a variety of wholesale food suppliers. Some
of these ingredients will have “May Contain traces of…” within their labelling. So, I please ask you to be mindful
and weary of this. I do my absolute best to ensure all my kitchen and equipment are sanitised. However, if you
are extremely sensitive or anaphylactic to any given product, I would highly recommend not consuming the cake as I cannot give a 100% guarantee due to the products labelling.